The widespread use of the Internet means that people of all ages have access to a wide variety of information and entertainment 24 hours a day. Many individuals benefit from going online for a quick distraction from daily life or from using websites to find interesting information. However, individuals who suffer from an addiction to pornography are often tempted and overwhelmed by a deluge of porn sites on the web.

Stopping a porn addiction can be difficult. Individuals who find themselves compelled to look at porn regularly or who waste hours and hours every day looking at porn can become extremely frustrated with themselves. While stopping a porn addiction might be difficult, it is not impossible. The following tips can help anyone manage and stop a porn addiction.

Make a written commitment to stop. The first step in overcoming any addiction is making the commitment to stop. For many individuals, writing a commitment on paper is a great way to demonstrate that they are serious about stopping a given behavior. Write down your commitment to stop looking at porn. Keep your written commitment near your computer or TV so that you can look at it when you feel compelled to watch porn.

Budget time spent online wisely. Most individuals who suffer from a porn addiction look at photos or watch videos online. Instead of wasting your time watching porn, budget your time carefully. Make a schedule for your online activities and stick to it.

Remove tempting materials. Delete all porn photos and movies you have on your computer. You should also delete bookmarks to any porn sites and clear your browser’s history. If you frequently rent porn DVDs, cancel your membership at the video store until you have your addiction under control.

Install porn filters on your computer. Many individuals who suffer from a porn addiction benefit from installing a porn filter on their computers. Such a filter will prevent you from visiting porn sites but will allow you access to harmless sites.

Remember that learning how to forgive yourself is an important part of stopping any addiction. Quitting an activity that you enjoy and are addicted to can be a trying process. You may have bad days or do things you wish you hadn’t. It’s important that you recognize your behavior, understand why you acted as you did and forgive yourself. Being optimistic about your future will help you mentally, emotionally and physically while battling this powerful and painful addiction.

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