The ever-evolving and increasing presence of the Internet in everyday life has created and fueled an important area of addiction research. Pornography existed long before personal computers, but access to porn has become dramatically simpler. In light of this thriving addiction, porn addiction recovery programs are becoming more and more common.

Like other rehabilitation programs, porn addiction recovery programs exist because an individual’s usage of pornography has somehow interfered with his or her life. Like many other addictions, porn addicts may compulsively engage in porn usage despite other pressing life matters. Some porn addicts will fail to uphold commitments ranging from family engagements to professional responsibilities. In severe cases, an individual may lose his or her job. Additionally, it is not uncommon for porn addicts to engage in isolating and secretive behaviors that are often confusing to loved ones.

When porn addiction has started to take its toll, porn addiction recovery programs are available to help. These programs focus on beginning an open and honest dialog about habits that are often embarrassing to discuss. Some programs are outpatient programs that involve either individual or group therapy sessions. Group therapy sessions are particular popular in addiction therapy, including porn addiction, due partly to the importance of forming a support group and understanding the addiction as an observer. In some cases, more intensive therapy might be needed, and there are inpatient therapy programs for porn addiction recovery.

Like other addictions, porn addiction is believed to be an ongoing problem without a distinct “cure.” For this reason, most programs focus on the development of a relapse prevention plan. Avoiding access to porn is difficult, but controlling access to porn is often one of the central tenets of preventing relapse. It is often necessary to involve friends or loved ones in the process of monitoring one’s addiction.

Porn addiction recovery programs are still relatively new, but they closely follow existing models for addiction treatment. With Internet porn literally a click away, ease of access has facilitated usage for individuals suffering with porn addiction. As smart phones and other devices continue to develop, the treatment of addiction to porn and other internet fixations will continue to evolve.

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