Many individuals will watch a pornographic movie or view porn photos at some point in their lives. While most psychologists agree that engaging in such activities on an infrequent basis is relatively harmless, some individuals develop a serious addiction to porn. A porn addiction can affect an individual’s personal relationships. It can also endanger an individual’s job and damage an individual’s reputation.

The following symptoms may indicate the presence of a porn addiction. Thankfully, individuals who are addicted to porn can overcome their addictions. If you think that you or a loved one may be addicted to porn, review these symptoms. Remember that recognizing an addiction is the first step to overcoming it and repairing damaged relationships.

A decreased interest in physical affection and sex. Individuals who are addicted to porn often stop seeking sex or physical affection with their real-life partners. An inability to become turned on by a real-life partner or an inability to orgasm can also be signs of a porn addiction. This is often one of the first symptoms that the partner or spouse of a porn addict will notice.

Excessive or compulsive use of the Internet. Many individuals are connected to the Internet via computer and mobile devices for the majority of the day. Individuals who are reluctant to leave the computer or who get up compulsively at all hours of the night to use the computer may be suffering from a porn addiction.

An increase in high-risk sexual behaviors. Psychologists and sex therapists have noticed that many individuals who are addicted to porn undertake high-risk sexual behaviors as their interest in porn increases. Such behaviors include casual sex with strangers, hiring prostitutes and meeting others solely for sex via dating websites.

A new interest in rough sex or a new interest in fetishes. Some individuals who are addicted to porn begin to develop a detachment from their real-life partners. They come to view them as sex objects. As such, many porn addicts begin to engage in very rough sex or show a new interest in fetishes when having sex with their partners.

A marked increase in criticism of a partner. Porn has been widely criticized for the way that it objectifies women. Many women whose partners are porn addicts notice that their partners begin to criticize their weight, appearance or sexual performance heavily.

It’s important to understand that porn addiction can be very serious. Individuals who are addicted to porn often suffer from poor personal relationships. For these individuals, overcoming porn addiction is essential to crafting strong, loving relationships.

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