Thanks to the Internet, porn is easier to access than ever. It should come as no surprise that more and more people are struggling with porn addiction. If you’re one of them, the first thing you should know is you’re not alone. Many of other people struggle with porn addiction, and many of them are able to overcome it. How do they do it? They do it in a number of different ways. To increase your odds of successfully overcoming your own porn addiction, you should familiarize yourself with as many strategies for doing so as possible. A handful of the best ones are highlighted below.

Put Technology to Work for You

One way to regain control of your life while struggling with a porn addiction is by making it harder to access material. If you usually go online to look at porn, this may be easier said than done. However, you can use Internet filtering software to block these types of sites. While these filters are easy to disable, they can act as deterrents by discouraging you from proceeding. Accountability software is also an option. It tracks all of your online activities and periodically emails reports to a trusted partner.

Push Away Thoughts about Porn

In many ways, overcoming a porn addiction is a mind-over-matter proposition. In the beginning, training yourself not to think about it can seem just about impossible. With practice, however, you can learn to do so instantly. Eventually, you may rarely think about it at all. Come up with ways to distract yourself when thoughts about porn pop up in your head. Go for a jog, call a friend or do household chores. The point is to quickly start doing something else to minimize the risk of actually turning to porn.

Seek Professional Help

There is no shame in seeking professional help for a porn addiction. Although porn addiction isn’t officially recognized as a mental disorder, it’s something that’s become so widespread that many therapists and counselors have experience in handling it. Meeting with a therapist or a counselor can help, but there are also online support groups available as well. You’ll feel very reassured after seeing how many people participate in such support groups and 12-step programs. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the right fit immediately. Take your time and try several different options. When you find the right support, overcoming your porn addiction is sure to be a lot easier.